Teaching and Tutoring

I have assisted in tutoring international students in the GS3D masters programme from 2015.

Other teaching responsibilities have been in graduate education. I have taught and assisted in teaching courses such as Enterprise Systems, Emerging Technologies and Issues, Next Generation of the Web, Usability Testing and Systems Design Methods for Information Systems. Courses are framed on a knowledge base and incorporate hands-on learning, quizzes, exercises that build on each other, and individual work that aims to further motivate students’ learning.

Course Listing

The Next Generation of the Web

  • 28 students, Spring 2018, University of Oulu
  • Aims of the course:
    • Analyse the characteristics of various web-based technologies
    • Understand how the future Web will be shaped by ongoing trends and technological improvements
    • Understand different techniques for predicting future technological changes and how to apply these to problems in different domains

Emerging Technology and Issues

  • 2 student groups 23/35 in Spring and Autumn 2018
  • Theoretical and practical background for understanding: 
    • History and development of the Web and how the Web fosters innovation
    • The advantages and disadvantages of the Web.
    • Other related technical and social developments.

These two courses focus on recognising and reflecting on on-going and potential future technological and web development trends. They build upon the understanding of the World Wide Web with the ultimate goal to forecast the potential future of the Web and different technologies’ impact on society.

Systems Design Methods for Information Systems

  • 56 students, Autumn 2018
  • Aims of the course:
    • To understand the complexity of business, organisational, technical, and human aspects of information systems development (ISD).
    • To understand the limitations of traditional ISD approaches, how contemporary approaches address these limitations and other challenges in ISD.
    • To enable the assessment and argumentation on a suitable method for an ISD project within an organisation.